Concert Promotion

Ticket sales provide our main source of income, so the help of all members is essential to make our concerts known to as wide an audience as possible. This can be achieved by everyone distributing flyers, publicising the concert through word of mouth, and selling tickets (available from Sue Shaw (oboe) at rehearsals). Each member is urged to aim to sell at least 3 tickets (preferably a good deal more) in advance of each concert.

One of the advantages of being an SCO Friend is that you get first dibs on the best seats in the house for our concerts, so why not encourage your loved ones to become friends?

Please check this page for downloadable concert flyers to print or email.


Click to enlarge

If you use social media please be aware that the orchestra has a Twitter account (@shefchamberorch) and Facebook page. Please retweet and share concert information which we will post.


masterworks 2017 flyer

Click to enlarge

Summer Festival 2017 flyer V1

Click to download

Summer Festival 2017 flyer PDF NEW

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